Book Review: “Authentic Ministry” (Michael Reeves)

No one wants something fake.

Well, we do sometimes fall for those things. We know there are plenty of counterfeits in the world. That’s why it’s easy to settle for it. It’s because there are plenty and readily available for use. But all things fake have something in common: it won’t last. It will soon bend and break. Fakes are not something for the long haul.

In the ministry, men and women shouldn’t settle for something that will not last. When everything is caving in to us in the ministry, what do we do? What could help us be ready for the ministry that will sustain us to the very end?

Authentic Ministry gives you nine principles that have a combination of the familiar and something fresh in persevering in the ministry. However, once you read this book, the familiarity will fade then a solid perspective will emerge as author Michael Reeves opens Scripture. Read some more to be engrossed as Reeves pours some much needed insights to this topic that is relevant to our ministry. Stick to the end and the last chapter will be a fitting finisher towards a higher goal.

This book might not be based on lectures but talks or more of “farewell speeches” but wow there is a lot of meat here. Reading Authentic Ministry for me feels like I’m diving into a 300 page book because of how solid it was written and there are lots to absorb. This is a tight book with no room for something else. This book comes with laser sharp focus with the goal to bring readers to what is a “legit” work of God and how people with a calling will build it through God’s grace.

The book hinges on the Acts 20: 28, that in one read you’ll miss out on something important God wants you to know. When we talk about ministry it will always be towards others and away from ourselves. However, “self” shouldn’t be subtracted from the equation. In this short volume, Reeves excellently unpacks what it means to “pay close attention to yourselves”. This is more than an encouraging read but to energize you to finish your race. This book might not leave you asking for more but will definitely leave you asking for God to help you through the ministry God called you to be in.

Before you get your hands dirty, sit down and get soaked with God’s Word on what is the driving force of a true and lasting ministry. Let the biblical truths found in the pages of Authentic Ministry speak to you.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Purchase your physical or digital copy of the book here.

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