(Videos) Unboxing Books from Lazada 7.7 Sale

Buying books at Lazada (an e-commerce platform here in the Philippines) wasn’t on my scheduled to do but I bought books at greatly discounted prices from OMF Literature. One is for a ministry and the other is for my personal use.

A brother from the US saw my post of a OMFLit digital poster on my Facebook wall, promoting these books by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart’s How To Read the Bible for All It’s Worth and How To Read the Bible Book by Book. which are insanely discounted at 37.50 pesos each. I have no intentions of buying but Rajed messaged me to ask me to buy those books and give them to folks here. He sent me $50 to my Paypal to buy these books. Since these books will be selling like hot cakes and it won’t be long till it’s sold out, I quickly purchased it the minute I got the money. The $50 is enough for me to buy 10 books and pay the shipping fee I bought 5 of each of the two books . Bought it July 7 and arrived at the 11th. Well packed with no dents. The receipt indicates that I saved a whooping 3,375 pesos! The book size is a bit small compared to the one I bought and donated to a university library years ago.

Anyways, I told it to my pastor and planned that we should give it to deserving church workers and seminary students. We will give it away by a set of two books. So we have 5 sets. Our church will keep one set. This will be a great send off gift for one of our church member who will study at seminary soon. Thank you brother Rajed Dacasin for these books and the trust you gave me.

Then the next day package #2 came (along with another package from Chapel Library) which are booklets by Rico Villanueva. It’s the “Ok Lang…”trilogy series which is the Filipino translation of his book. I’m curious about these booklets and I know FB friends who read them. It was 22.50 Pesos each from the their usual price of 60-75 Pesos. Aside from the items, I availed the shipping fee discount through some vouchers offered by Lazada.

So all in all when I check out, the cost of the booklets and the shipping fee is 86 Pesos. That’s under 2 $ or 100 Pesos so I got nothing to lose. It’s a sweet deal that I don’t want to let it pass, so I paid it with my credit card then waited for it to be delivered. I think I’ll put these booklets on my reading list and will share quotes from it on this blog. These are interesting booklets and I think it will really benefit me personally.

So there you have it, my package that I ordered from OMLlit through the Lazada 7.7 Sale. As for the the Fee and Stuart books, our church will distribute it soon and I pray many will be blessed with these books. I’ll keep you updated through this blog. Till next time guys!

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