Comicbook Review: “Perpetua” (Art Ayris and Jeff Slemons)

Summary: Perpetua is a story of one of the earliest Christian women recorded outside of Scriptures that suffered persecution because of her faith. Little was known of her but here death under the hand of Rome is an incredible story.

Cover Art: Similar to cover the of Martyrs comicbook but Slemons gives a sweeping cinematic look that you’ll always want to stare at. While that comic is minimalist cover, this one is masterpiece in itself. If this comic is on the shelf with other comics, surely this is an eye grabbing cover and you’ll be picking it up and read it on the spot. Slemon rendered his art on the cover (and interior) that can only be called epic.

Artwork: Finally, an artist other than Sergio Cariello that really delivers in Kingstone Comics. Jeff Slemons art here is consistent and every panel is gold. Due to limit of the information about Perpetua, the artwork steps up and fills to the brim with a life of its own for the comic. Slemons took advantage of this constraints and really did something some other artist forgot to do: sometimes you don’t have to rely to the script to pull off a great story. His artwork can pump some blood into it and this is what happened here. Even though this comic is short of action, Slemon injects some life into it.

Rather than become a sort of extended version of the story of Perpetua found in the other comic, Martyrs, in the hands of Slemons he was able to squeeze some more of it’s juice. And it work, big time!

Storytelling: Bringing this story on this format has it’s limitation. And that is that we have little information on the life of Perpetua. Nevertheless, the creative team really brought out the drama of her story. The creative team stayed true to the this constraints employing tricks that still injects the excitement of the story. To which is very commendable.

Ayris plunges the reader immediately to the story without those long introduction (but he did place those at the end of the comic) which I like. The dialogue are good but some of it are a bit “fantastic” but not cheesy or over the top. It robs some emotions out of dialogues in some part of the comic. I don’t know if it’s from Ayris aesthetic stroke or the source material it was lifted.

My verdict: Perpetua is a great example of a creative team making much of the limited source of the story of this Christian Martyr. However, I would like to praise Jeff Slemons for filling up the gap of these constrains by telling a robust story through his artwork. Still a great book to pick up if you want a visual account of the life of Perpetua.

4.5 of 5

You can buy the physical comic here or by downloading the free Kingstone app to buy the comic for $ 0.99!

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