8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Cultural Contextualization of Apologetics” (Matt W. Lee)

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Here’s s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, Cultural Contextualization of Apologetics by Matt W. Lee published by Wipf and Stock Publishers. You can get your copy, both physical and digital by following this link.

The first way Paul forges the cultural connection is by the use of cultural point of contact and culturally contextualized communication that includes the use of specific language and forms that generate greater cultural receptivity from the audience. The second way Paul forms the cultural connection is by building up cultural solidarity with the hearers, which gains him admission into the hearers’ culture, allowing him to speak as a cultural insider.

The key strategy, according to Paul, in responding to the cultural objection is to highlight the virtue of the Christian life and to proclaim the resurrection as having an appropriate implication.

“..it can be demonstrated that Paul’s ministry activities invoke the role that sages played in various aspects of cultural context, all of which are familiar to his audience. Th ough whether Paul intended to present himself as such is debatable, Paul’s audience has all the necessary indicators to associate him as a wisdom figure.”

“Paul intentionally employed Greco-Roman rhetoric to elevate his effect in his speeches. This illustrates his attempt to carry out culturally effective communication. Culturally effective communication produces a cultural connection, and fuels culturally contextualized apologetics.”

“Regardless of the source of quote or sayings, culturally contextualized apologetics recognizes its place in culture. More importantly, it aims to uncover the underlying assumptions, presuppositions, and inner-working of the heart.”

“…cultural point of contact is an appeal to innate knowledge of God (whether recognized or suppressed in human beings) or a shared common ground that establishes a point of connection, through expressions in culture.

“Apologetics preaching identifies the cultural objection and presents a case that refutes the charges. Equally important, though, is the presentation of the virtue of the Christian life as an appeal and support for the case in culturally contextualized apologetics.”

“In order to tackle the current challenge and navigate a way forward, Christian apologetics must thus explore what apologetics approach or strategy adequately addresses cultural concerns.”

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