3 Things I Did This Morning After Election Day

I’m so excited to vote this 2022 election. My chosen candidate has a great reputation and qualification to fit the highest power in this country. I’ve seen the rallies and support. I’ve seen transformation brought by this political brand. This will change to course of history. Unfortunately, my mother in law was admitted in the hospital in Manila so I can’t vote. We spend the first week of May preparing her for her surgery. This is the first time I missed out the presidential election.

Nevertheless, I waited for the results. Then it came. The results are in. And it was disappointing. I was hurt. I can’t believe what just happened. My heart sank. I want to shut myself from social media. There are lots of things running in my mind. Its one of those days that I don’t want to go through. The following days will be rough for me. I know I can be all gloomy. I need to lift me up. I had to. This morning, I did three things:

I look for an anchor – Their is so much heaviness in my soul that night that I couldn’t sleep. I woke up early and I want to go back to sleep but I cant. My mind can’t get away with the thoughts I had last night. I think this will linger for a very long time. So I decided to have my devotion. I read Every Moment Holy app first and look for the section that fits what I’m going through. Here’s what I read:


Times of Turbulent Emotion

Prove to me again and again, O Lord,
that what I have hung my hopes upon
is near and real enough to cradle and
shelter me against the raging of all storms.
Prove to me again and again that the Christ
in whom I have placed my trust—for today,
and for eternity—is worthy of all trust.

I shared it to my Facebook and Instagram story and hoping friends will read and be reminded by of the truth it bears.

Coincidentally, my daily Bible study stopped on Psalms 23, yes that popular Psalm. We are very familiar with the line “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, that’s how the KJV renders it. But reading it on the CSB, it says,

The LORD is my shepherd; I have what I need.

I have what I need. In God I have what I need. I only need Him. If you go to the previous chapter, Psalms 22, you’ll read that familiar line “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” which echoes the words of Jesus in agony on the cross. This Psalm describes God as a powerful rescuer that the psalmist is calling. In both powerful kingship (Psalms 22) and caring lowliness (Psalms 23) we can rest assure God is there for us.

The liturgy app and my Bible study reminds me of this: my anchor is not a politician nor it’s party it represents. Neither do Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. My anchor is unmovable. I’ll hold on to His promises to me. I have found my Anchor.

I prayed for the President – As I finish my devotion, I prayed for the President. I first thank God for giving us a president that will lead this nation. I prayed for God’s sovereignty. I prayed that through his position, he will get to know Christ and be saved. More than power, he needs Christ. I may respect and honor him but he is a mere mortal infront of God. God will one day judgement him and it’s my job to pray for him that he might be saved. For me this part is the most difficult thing to do in this list. But that’s the godly thing to do.

I reflect on God’s work through my life – As I think about, I have lived my life through seven presidents. In the past years, not a single presidential candidate I voted for won However, there alot of things to look back and be thankful. These presidents haven’t been critical to my faith and me going to church. Through their presidencies, I have committed to a church, participated in ministries, got married, had a daughter and we are on our seventh year of marriage. I went through highs and lows of my life. I had failures and achievements. I cried to things that I can’t accepted. I cheered at victories and celebrations. I have seen friends come, go and in some instances come back again.

I believe God through common grace orchestrates something that he uses public officials (including the president) for my good. That’s something to be grateful for. Also there is an underlying truth I need to point out. Through these years, I know what is the only thing that is constant: I can go to God specially when I stumble and find assurance. I can look at His blessings to me and be thankful because I don’t deserve it. These presidents haven’t gave that assurance to me and they’ll never will.

As I think about this three things that I did, I realized that these three are things that I should do even if my chosen president won the election. I may consider this is a sad day for me and could have consider this post a sort of consolation but if it is a victorious day, would I ever even think about these things? Will I ever reflect on what the Bible want me to know if the situation is different? I thank God for these truth that is available for me.

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