Comicbook Review: “Chronicles of Faith: David” #1 (Ivan Anaya and Brannon Hollingsworth)

Summary: King David continues to tell little Solomon his story. This comic touches King Saul’s fall from the favor of the God of Israel, Samuel anointing David as the new king and revealing the Philistines champion, Goliath.

Cover Artwork: This cover is a departure from the #0 cover which is a minimalist and it doesn’t give away the story you’ll be indulging. Although this is an all for ages comic, you can see in the cover a bit of seriousness of what the content will be. Also the take away of the cover is the fantastic illustration of Anaya that is different from the previous issue (more of that later).

Storytelling: This comicbook has a pretty solid storytelling that I don’t know which I pick to discuss first. But to tell you up front Ivan Araya and the head honcho of Brainy Pixel, Brannon Hollingsworth are absolutely amazing. If you like Anaya with his artwork you’ll love the storytelling. This is a prequel of the “bear story” on issue #0. And oh what a prequel this is! You’ll get more of some Bible stuff here unlike the previous issue. Clearly this is the real start of the series (obviously). I think (for me) you can skip issue 0 and read this instead (although they keep on referring to that issue in issue #1). But if you’re a completist, go ahead and buy #0.

What the writers did in this prequel since we already know the story of David vs. Goliath, is step on the breaks and slow it a bit. Slowing it and fill in some biblical narratives we might have missed in reading it from the Bible and some extra stuff which added some punch in the story without being unbiblical. Let it marinate to the readers and I love it! This is the space provided to explore people and events that shapes David before he faces Goliath.

Anaya and Hollingsworth injects a healthy dose of light and dark moments in the story. The story is an enjoyable read. This is not an action pack issue but delightful enough from start to finish. As for the other aspect of the story, this is not a “kiddie” story but not a mature one. However, some serious stuff are there that adults will deal without giving you that awkward feeling the you’re reading a kid’s comic. The “big” reveal at the end is great as well giving away the cliffhanger.

Again as I have said it over and over, we know the story already not just straight from the Bible but to other format or media. So you might want to ask, why read another David story? Simple. It is how the writer and artist creative they handle the story. This is what this comic is about.

Artwork: I’m so so excited with this part of the review but I already spoiled it for you on the cover artwork. Anaya is giving his best so far in this issue. The character designs are superb. They don’t look alike but there is that Anaya signature on it. Landscapes and other small details are done good. Lots of tricks in the comic bag were employed here like using a wall to tell a story and Samuel’s half face. If you’re comic fan you’ll know that these tricks are done in secular comics. Pretty impressive! The bad guys are sinister looking but will not spook out younger readers. The Goliath at the end here is menacing enough to look forward to the next installment.

Colorings and Letterings: I’m giving a special shout-out these folks for making this comicbook stunning. They pump some blood on this issue. Issue #0 has some great letterings but in this issue they push further giving a life of itself in every page. If the script and artwork tells a story, the colorings and letterings delivers their own. Definitely every penny for this comic is worth it just by these two elements.

My verdict:

Chronicles of Faith: David #1 exceeds what #0 had delivered and I’m really stoked with this series. I can’t wait what’s in store for issue #2 and beyond. Don’t let this comic slip away from your radar or you’ll miss alot. This is Christian indie comics at it’s finest. This is quality without compromising the biblical narrative. Kudos to the creative team!

5 out of 5

The comicbook is not yet available for purchase. I’ll keep you updated if they release it. But you can buy issue #0 here and read the review here.

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