Book Review: “Balik Tayo Sa Church” (Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman)

As we slowly see the “light in the tunnel” of this pandemic, we believers are excited to once again be physically present to our churches. Or is it? We Christians might have been through the thick foliage of this global crisis and about to reach the road to civilization, so to speak, but do we really want that “road” again with all its old and new nuisance?

This is not to say that we don’t want to get out of this pandemic or suffering some sort of Stockholm syndrome over COVID19, but their is something that we might worry about in “starting over again” in terms of going back to church. What will be our post-pandemic environment in our church life having been to months or a year on Zoom gatherings? Let’s include the political and election climate that are now brewing and spilling over fellow brethren. This make us ask the question, do we really need to go back to church? Do we really want sit again with Christians with a different view on politics?

Balik Tayo sa Church tackles those issue and more for Christians, in some cases, who are feeling seasick than homesick for our weekly worship services. Much of our longing for gatherings are fading away and are replaced by cynicism. Leeman and Hansen grabbed me from beginning to end of this book. They bring in the biblical cure by laying down Scriptural truths with pastoral care for the flock that are confused. We might have a different experience in terms of having our church services during the pandemic but the issues they raised goes beyond that experience. They included the issue on politics that is very timely.

As you go deep in the book you might notice that it feels it’s becoming a primer of sort for new believers (but the truth is, it’s not). You might read something familiar. You might feel that you need to stop, check the table of contents or thumb pages. But the key to this book is the English title (if you don’t know yet or you just forgot), Rediscover Church. But this realization might have come to you while your in the middle of the book. This book is engrossing enough to take you through every page even if you think what Leeman. and Hansen is reiterating something common in our ears. I think the better description of this book is “refresher plus plus plus”. You’ll get a refresher take on church with a more depth (but not technical or academic) and gospel saturated throughout this volume.

I haven’t read the English version of this book but the translation is great and very accessible. You won’t stumble over things that are Western readers can only relate like culture references. They’re replaced with something Filipino readers that will easily understand. Kudos for translation team for addressing these nuisance.

If there’s a book that you must read this start of the new year and as we see the beginning of the end of this pandemic, Balik Tayo sa Church is that book. Let Leeman and Hansen give you a refresher course (and added lessons) on how important church for every follower of Christ.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Purchase the physical copy or download it for free by clicking this link.

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