Children’s Book Review: “Saint Nicholas the Gift Giver” (Ned Bustard)

It’s almost Christmas and I know you’re thinking of presents for your kids that you can put under the Christmas tree or stuff it in those big red stockings. Why not a story book about Christmas? How about a story on Santa?

If you like giving or receiving gifts (which we always do in these season) then why not learn and enjoy a story of a gift giver.He doesn’t need introductions. We all know him. We know how he looks. We know the names his reindeers. We sang Christmas songs about him. We anticipate his coming on Christmas Eve from our childhood. But in Ned Bustard’s book Saint Nicholas the Gift Giver we are asked again, Do we really know him?

This is the first time I reviewed an author who is also the illustrator. I was intrigued with the how Bustard rendered the artwork as well as the process of preparing for it. I find it having a touch of vintage which is cool. The artwork compliments the accompanying poem that brings out the celebrating spirit on Saint Nicholas in this book.

Bustard strikes a perfect balance of facts and magic to this well loved Christmas figure. As he makes room for Saint Nick’s myths and facts for our children to celebrate both. It’s important for us to see that both myth and reality is grounded to the the unmistakable truth about Santa: that he’s a gift giver. He emulates the ultimate Giver, who gave His ultimate Gift to the world. As grown ups ,who might have read him in church history, believe Saint Nicholas as a defender of faith, we should despise how he brings joy to us as kids. Both knows who this joly man. We just need to ground him with biblical truth that will edify both young and old. I think this book is aiming.

Saint Nicholas the Gift Giver invites us through its artworks and rhymes to take another look to the who Santa is. He is an actual person and also a myth. The world made much of the myth and stretch it beyond what this early church figure is. But it’s time to come back with the facts that we should consider. This makes him more human and relatable. Although I still want more of this stuff from Bustard, he offers reading recommendations for adults to explore this jolly old man of Christmas.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Review copy of this book was provided by IVP Kids.

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