8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?” (Sam Emadi)

Hello! Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished. “What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?” by Sam Emadi is published by Crossway and you can get your copy by following this link. Purchasing your copy enables you to support the author, publishing house and ministry to further push the gospel of Christ.

“If you’ve recently become a Christian, the first thing you should do is get baptized. Why? Because baptism is how Jesus commanded Christians to publicly profess their faith in him.”

“The Christian life isn’t a call to isolated devotion, like a monk in a cave. Instead, the heart of Christian obedience is a life of love for other believers in a local church fueled by faith in Christ.”

“Bible intake—both private and churchwide—fuels our faith in the gospel and gives us strength to follow Jesus and fight sin.”

“Christian friendships are among the sweetest gifts God gives his people.”

“…the Bible is our spiritual food. If we don’t regularly take in Scripture, then we’ll be spiritually malnourished, unhealthy, and susceptible to sin.”

“The more fully we integrate into the life of a local church, the more opportunities we’ll have to receive God’s word.”

“By giving financially to the church, we equip the church to care for its members, ensure that pastors can focus on the task of shepherding, and catalyze evangelism and missions both near and far.”

“Joining a local church isn’t simply one aspect of your Christian life. The local church is the primary context where you live out your Christian discipleship.”

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