Comicbook Review: “Post Tenebras Lux” (Paul Cox/RefToons)

Summary: Post Tenebras Lux ( After Darkness Light) is comic re-telling of one of the pivotal event in history, the Reformation, through men of God most specifically Martin Luther. Includes cartoon portraits of Reformed heroes of the faith.

Cover Art: The calligraphy of the title on the cover is cool but it will be much cooler if Cox render some of his art. He can pull off something stunning that will grab the reader.

Artwork: If you enjoy those RefToons one panel comic, then you’ll love this. It will showcase Paul Cox if he can hold a narrative. It’s a jump from the usual comic strip format we can read online which are awesome into sequential art which might be a challenge on both of the artist and it’s readers. Well as you read the book, Cox made it with flying colors. His art is a bit cartoonish but Cox can show different emotions that connects with the reader. It’s black and white which I like rather than with color.

Part Two of the book collects 27 caricatures or portraits of Christian giants in Church history. Some are standouts and some are ok. Some bring to mind the references that you might have seen somewhere (probably online or from a book) used in these caricatures. Cox sprinkled some of his wit and humor that we all know and loved to some of these portraits. You might dismiss it as an extra or unnecessary to the book but for me it still brings a sweet home run for the book (more of that in a bit).

Storytelling: The comic opens with the execution of Jan Hus and ends with Martin Luther nailing his famous 95 thesis. From the beginning to the ending in this 16 page Part 1, Cox serves the heavy stuff that grabs the attention of the readers. These are highlights and are strong ones . It’s like Cox is giving the best part of the without pausing. No beating around the bush. No down time It’s straight forward no nonsense narrative. I feels like a long climax in every page of Part 1. Still you won’t complain but will enjoy the story.

Some might dismiss Part Two of the book anti-climatic for a Part One that was cut abruptly. Well it’s not. For me as Part One gains momentum and reach the climax, it gave us a good dose of uplifted spirit as we root for Luther. Carrying that spirit over Part 2 as we look at these portraits makes you proud that the battle that started with Luther (or way before him) was passed on with these men of God throughout history.

My verdict: Post Tenebras Lux is a good comicbook retelling of the event the leads to the Protestant Reformation. It’s not a series of one panel comic glued together from what we already love but, a fine narrative, a legit comicbook. We might miss the zaniness of RefToons here but somehow Cox manage to squeeze something here and there. The story and art compliments each other. Sometimes the artwork has a story of its own that will put a smile on your face. That’s coming from a 16 page story. Then it went a bit all out over Part Two.

I hope Paul Cox will make another comicbook and for sure he will definitely nail it.

4.5 out of 5

Get your copy of this comic here.

(RefToons provided a digital copy for this review)

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Get your copy of this comic here.

(RefToons provided a digital copy for this review)

(Did you like what you read? Did this article helped you? Then you can share some love by buying me a coffee).

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