Book Review: A Biblical Counseling Process (Lauren Whitman)

As a Christian who is looking for resources that will help us as individuals and as a member of a church we need something that is completely saturated with the Gospel. The Gospel is the factor not just to save us from our sins but also drive us into action. The Gospel compel us to reach out to this lost world to give answers filled with hope. We are not just to give answers that spells apologetics but answers that will cater to other needs. Due to the changing times and culture, we find ourselves gravitating to resources that are effective and concise. Which might be a challenge to authors that carries a weighty message. Conveying it in a short volume might steal the essentials needed to connect the message to those who are in need.

It will be a tricky situation if books on biblical counseling are short. As I have said above, it might not deliver the message thoroughly. But thank God organizations and authors heed to that call. Not that they always provide such resources but when they release something, it really fit the bill. Just like this newly released book by CCEF counselor, Lauren Whitman, A Biblical Counseling Process.

At first, I thought this book might not accommodate the counseling process just by highlighting the beginning, middle and end. Yes the book indeed highlights these important parts but as the book goes further, we can see that Whitman covered the whole counseling process. She reduced the process but nothing was deducted or neglected. A Biblical Counseling Process covers the essential parts that will have a big impact in the counseling process. The case studies is commendable which are interesting and drenched with lessons a reader should take note on.

A Biblical Counseling Process has this holistic approach that doesn’t just provide insight for the counselee but also for the counselor. So you’re checking both sides which of course are the main components in a counseling process. It’s good to read that as a counselor evaluates the counselee in his or her progress, evaluation of what the counselor has covered in the counseling is also a priority. Evaluation is critical and will be the basis on how a counselor will give solution. Whitman author a book that is indispensable to this part of the counseling process.

What I like with this book is that it won’t waste your time with unnecessary stuff. The uniqueness of this book is it’s slimness that provides you enough biblical insights. Another is, while Whitman shares the process, gives suggestions and her experience she didn’t forget to give encouragement on both the counselee and counselor. You can feel the genuine concern and care leap from the pages of this book.

This is a kind of book that you’ll go to often and ground you in your counseling. User friendly, clear, on point and with a heart to the counselor and counselee, A Biblical Counseling Process gets do job done in providing a short but meaty guide in counseling. Re-read every time you need a refresher.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Review copy of this book was provided by New Growth Press.

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