(Interview) Wolves At The Gate on Church Support for Creatives

Believers are bestowed by God with talents. Each Christians has these gifts that, out of the abundant grace of God, are to be use to further the Kingdom of God. That can be found in the preaching of the gospel for unbelievers and to us, who repented and trusted Christ, as a means to be edify.

So now the question is: how do the body of Christ nurture these Christians who are given talents that resonates and influence others? What kind of support should the church give to believers to help them know utilize it to advance the message of the gospel?

I reach out to Steve Cobucci, guitarist and vocalist of the post hardcore band, Wolves at the Gate to know how their church gives them support as creatives.

Please tell us about your band and how did you came to know the Lord.

Our band has been around since 2008 when we started it in college. We started off playing house shows in town and then eventually got the opportunities to play venues in Ohio & the surrounding states. Eventually we put out our first EP “We Are The Ones” thinking it would be the last thing we would do, but it turned out to be the thing that got us a record deal.

As for my testimony, I grew up in a Christian home but struggled to understand the weight and power of the Gospel message. I was trying to explain my faith to a friend at my college and realized that there were a lot of things that I had not truly read and understood for myself. It was at this point that I started reading, researching, and seeking to understand what it was the Jesus really accomplished in dying a criminal’s death. It wasn’t until I was 19 that I truly began to understand and believe the deep nature of my sin and yet the incredible grace provided in Christ’s work. 

First, I want to ask if you guys are part of your church’s ministry? Does it involve music or something else?

I’m an elder at my church. I teach, lead the music often, and preach. 

How important is church support to creatives like you? 

The main support I receive from my church is the ministry of the church. I need to hear the Gospel, be reminded of the Gospel, be pointed to the rest that I have in the work of Christ and the ministry of my church is committed to doing that for our local body. I greatly benefit from the ministry and fellowship. There are many who enjoy our music and are quite supportive of us creating music, going out on tour, and preaching the Gospel. 

What are the specific ministry the church usually give to the band? 

Support is often through prayer and encouragement. 

When we say support, in your experience, does that means your church or its members are helping you in promoting your music?

From my perspective, I don’t believe that it is the church’s responsibility to promote our music. We have a record label, management, and other avenues that already do that. We want our local church’s efforts to be focused on the local church.

How about while touring, how does you church send some love to you?

I try to keep the people in my church updated on what is going on while we tour so that they can pray for us.

In what way can a church initiate help for, not just musicians or bands, but also for creatives that are showing the world their God given talents?

Encouragement. We should encourage one another to use our talents for showing the beauty of Christ to others. These gifts can be used to evangelize but also to edifying believers as well. The most important thing the church can do is faithfully preach the Gospel. Faithfully lift up Christ to their church members. It was a sight of Christ in the Gospel that caused me to desire to create music that could be used as a tool to tell people about the Gospel. If Christ is beautiful to you, you will want to share the beauty of what you have seen with others however you can. 

Well said! Please tell us your latest song and what can we look forward from you? Is there an upcoming album?

We are releasing a song called ‘Shadows‘ that comes out on October 15. As for a new album, it’s quite possible.

Kindly invite our readers to check you out and how can you be reached through social media

You can follow Wolves At The Gate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(Listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube)

Lastly, you should know that you have fans here in the Philippines. Kindly give a shoutout to your Filipino fans out there.

A huge thank you to all of our Filipino fans out there! We are so grateful for your support and hope that we can come play a show for you someday. 

Yes I would love to see you guys play here live. Thanks Steve for your time and guys if you want something heavy but biblical check out Wolves at the Gate.

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