8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The Believer’s Paradox” (Arthur W. Pink)

This is the second serving of #ReadingTheClassics on this blog. This is for the celebration of the 504th Protestant Reformation, coming this October 31.

This time I would like to share something from A. W. Pink titled The Believer’s Paradox. Like the previous post, these books are available at Chapel Library for download or you can get it through mail free. My aim is for you to have a taste of what a feast you’ll enjoy when you read the entire book.

“…if you are not plagued with and burdened by unbelief, if you do not humbly confess the same to God and seek His help about it, then are you of all men most miserable.”

“Unbelief is the great burden of the saint.”

“To genuinely mourn for our wicked unbelief is a sure evidence that divine life is present in the soul.”

“It is not until God has communicated faith that any soul is conscious of its unbelief! A living faith is necessary in order to recognize our dead unbelief.”

“A true Christian does not cloak or excuse his unbelief, but honestly acknowledges it before God.”

“Unbelief is the cause of all our troubles and failures. This is the strategic point where Satan concentrates his forces against us, and therefore it is here above all that we need divine help.”

“Here, then, is solid comfort for those who are groaning over this burden: in your unregenerate days you were never exercised over your unbelief!”

“…in all your dealings with God, and never pretend to be what you are not: to the very end of your earthly pilgrimage, you will be (in yourself) a vile sinner, unworthy of the least of His mercies.”

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