Book Review: “Consider Your Counsel” (Bob W. Kellemen)

In every ministry there will always be flaws. No matter how good the method or program it administers, there will be some shortcomings. We are finite beings and sinners. No ministry is foolproof. It is by God’s grace that He allows us to work on a ministry. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t address those we can see and polish it to be better. Specifically, in biblical counseling, as we engage to fellow image bearers and helping them to be connected to the Scriptures. Resources are welcome to fix what we are already practicing. And that’s were Consider Your Counsel steps in.

This book wont get you lost on what it’s trying to say. Whether you don’t know about biblical counseling or what part it is trying to troubleshoot, Kellemen won’t leave you scratching your head. Whether your just starting or had a long experience in biblical counseling, you’ll find this book appealing. For a casual reader, it’s a bit of introduction to this type of couseling, although this is not a primer. I suggest that you’ll get the books recommended in this volume.

The ten mistakes are reminders that our counseling has blind spots and it takes another Christian to check it out and show you what these flaws are and gives the right prescription to handle your ministry well. Kellemen provided the prescription from God’s Word and his years of experience.

The downside of this book is that it feels like an extended listacle or an appendix of a book. Though Kellemen is helpful in navigating the proper context of this book, you can’t just jump into it without getting other resources. It has an element of being a stand alone book nevertheless the experience won’t be complete if this is just the main resource you have in counseling. I strongly suggest to pick up recommended books that are mentioned in this volume.

Consider Your Counsel is a good suppliment to biblical counseling books that you might encounter from the author or similar ones but it’s good to know that being a companion book doesn’t end the usefulness of this book. Along the way you’ll pick up ample nuggets of truth that you can apply in your ministry. Glad to know theirs a book that will ground biblical counseling into what matters most, that is standing in God’s Word while looking in the different aspects of the counselee. Though it’s a brief volume and can be dismissed as an appendix or a listacle, it still brings some insight for your counseling ministry. As for readability, I can give it a two thumbs up.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

Review copy of this book was provided by New Growth Press

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