Pinoy Reformed Recap (August 2021)

This is that time of the month that we look back some social media highlights of Reformed/Calvinist individuals and ministries that you might have missed. These includes upcoming events, news, blog post, podcast, books and anything that is worth checking out. In case you miss out some of my post on this blog and on other website I contribute, I have that too here. See you after 30 days!

What is God? – His Incommunicable Attributes – Found The Brethren Podcast from believers over CDO. Check out this episode to sample what they serve.

Colorful Children’s Catechism Flashcards – Head over The Art of Homemaking for this niffty printable for kids. Currently it’s not available for order but you can download the flashcards for free.

“Film, Philosophy and Religion” book– John Paul Arceno contributed an article for this book published by Vernon Press. He critique the film Read Player One.

Mindanao Grace Seminary–For Christians who are down South of the island and wants to study for the ministry, you can check out this new seminary that leads on the Reformed theology.

T-shirt Merch – Coram Deo Book will be launching on September original merchs. Check out this T-shirt and click the link to find out how to order.

Rise of the Papacy– Covenant Reformed Seminary of Asia had a FB Live video on the rise of the papacy that you might want to rewatch.

 A Dialogue on Total Depravity – Participated on this online event and you’ll find it interesting as The Christian Worldview Project had a dialogue with a Bible Baptist or Fundamentalist pastor.

Excerpts from “Balik Tayo sa Church” book – Some friends on FB can’t contain their excitement for this book Rediscover Church Filipino translation that they share some excerpts from the book. Check some “leaked” excerpts here and here.

What The Bible says about Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) from Philippines– Reformed Christian Voice Radio posted these quote cards comparing the INC doctrines with what the Scriptures really reaching.

The Catholic Epistles & Revelation– Ramen Caliwag discusses the story of the twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament. Aside from the FB video, there is a downloadable hand-out on the comment section.

My post on this blog and other websites for August:

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Consider Your Counsel”(Robert W. Kellemen)

Book Review: “The Acrostic of God” (Jonathan Gibson, Timothy Brindle and C. S. Fritz)

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The God of the Mundane” (Matthew B. Redmond)

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The Acrostic of God” (Jonathan Gibson, Timothy Brindle and C. S. Fritz)

The Freebie Round-Up #116

Book Review: “The Registered Church in China”(Wayne Ten Harmsel)

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Future Men” (Douglas Wilson)

Limang Pagkakamali ng Prosperity Gospel (Driven By The Gospel)

Paano I-Tatame ang Iyong Dila (Driven By The Gospel)

I-Glorify ang Diyos sa Iyong Katawan (Driven By The Gospel)

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