Book Review: “The Acrostic of God” (Jonathan Gibson, Timothy Brindle and C. S. Fritz)

I got excited picking up this book because of Timothy Brindle. I want to see how his rap will go when it’s on a book and the target audience are kids. Also I want to see how they would inject the doctrine of God in this children’s book. Teaching doctrine to kids its a bit tricky nevertheless The Acrostic of God did a great job.

As Christians who uphold the Reformed theology the usual go to material for us to teach our young ones are the Catechism. Of course Catechism go way way long down the line and it has a place in our tradition. It’s tested and proved. But believe that there is a time for our beloved Catechism and for children’s book such as this. It’s also a great reminder to us that our approach to our kids introducing them to doctrine is not a one-size-fits-all method. God will use any resources as long as it’s in accordance to Scriptures and brings honor to God.

The content of The Acrostic of God is an enjoyable and fun read for the kids. No doubt about it. The attributes were clearly articulated. Some of the attributes here are expected and some are surprises for the readers. Although some of the rhymes are not spot on (and I think kids won’t notice it), it was able to articulate the gospel, grace and God’s love although the book.

I like the letter “O” of this book which gives you not one but three omni’s of God. Also the “S” and “T” which I think you might have guess that the “T” is for Trinity. “S” is for Simplicity which is about God being One then transitioning it to “T” which is again is Trinity. Now the difficult letters “X” and “Z” to represent but the authors did an OK job for it.

The artwork is good and complementing to the rhymes. The letter artwork corresponds on the attributes that represents the letter. There are those artwork that has those wow moments and some are not just ok. Nevertheless it will be eye candies for the kids.

All and all, The Acrostic of God is a good to teach kids on important attributes of God in a fun and enjoyable way. Using the rhymes and artwork will help kids explore a sticky topic.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Review copy of this book was provided by New Growth Press

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