8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The God of the Mundane” (Matthew B. Redmond)

My last post of fave quotes is from this book, The God of the Mundane by Matthew B. Redmond published by Cruciform Press. You can support the author by purchasing the book here. Enjoy!

There is a God delighting in the ordinary existence of the unknown faithful doing unknown work.”

“It is encouraging that there is a God of the mundane, because our lives are just that—mundane. This is good news for those who have tired of trying to live fantastically. And this is spectacular news for those who have been tempted to think their lives escape the notice of God because they are decidedly not spectacular.”

“The story of what God has done, and is doing, and will do, is the story of an extraordinary God creating, and then dying for, all the ordinary.”

” We are not saved from mediocrity and obscurity, the ordinary and the mundane. We are saved in the midst of it. We are not redeemed from the mundane. We are redeemed from the slavery of thinking our mundane life is not enough.”

” The idea that God can take our seemingly small, mundane tasks and responsibilities and turn them into something significant, although a strange way of thinking for us, is a common thread divinely woven throughout the Scriptures.”

“Over against blogs, status updates, social media, and digitized narcissism, the church needs to hear the whispered call. The call to a holy ambition for living quietly in a world where quiet corners are despised and rejected.”

“It is no longer necessary to live on the fumes of a spiritual high that was, or look forward to some future hit. We have now the fellowship of the King. Every act is now of kingdom consequence. Not just the big ones.”

“Being nobody special will feel like losing your life, maybe the life you’ve dreamed of in front of the mirror. In front of the pastor, or as a pastor. But to distinguish yourself in our world, you must be happy about being a nobody.”

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