8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Future Men” (Douglas Wilson)

Hello guys! I want to share these quotes I like from the book Future Men by Douglas Wilson published by Canon Press. You can support the author buy purchasing the book by clicking here.

“Your son’s vocation is therefore his calling under God. He is to be prepared for that vocation, and the preparation will not go well when parents do not understand the point of it.”

“Why do boys not like to come to church, we wonder. The answer is that we chase them out with our insipid and impotent doctrine.”

“A young man must be taught that the truth about himself is not seen by looking into his own heart; the truth is found by looking into the mirror of the Word.”

“…a wise mother sees insecurity in her son, the response should not be scorn, it should not be sympathy. The right response is respect. Boys can rise to respect, when they might crater under harsh pressure or puff up in response to excessive praise.”

“Friendship and family are covenant realities, and it is hard for them to flourish outside a covenant community—a place where the Word is faithfully taught and the sacraments are carefully observed. Parents who care about their sons growing up faithfully should therefore place a high priority on finding a faithful, flourishing church—and if there is none, they should carefully consider finding a town to live in which does have one.”

“A boy must also be taught that he may not fight unless the fight is consistent with his love for his enemies. “

“…young men first need to have a solid grasp of the parts of a Christian worldview, and especially two issues in particular—the sovereignty of God and an optimistic view of the future.”

“What is more important than wealth? Sons must learn that salvation is more important.”

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