Pinoy Reformed Recap (July 2021)

This is that time of the month that we look back some social media highlights of Reformed/Calvinist individuals and ministries that you might have missed. These includes upcoming events, news, blog post, podcast, books and anything that is worth checking out. In case you miss out some of my post on this blog and on other website I contribute, I have that too here. See you after 30 days!

True Saving Faith – My friend Jeff Chavez wrote this great article about true faith over his blog, TheologyCheck. He covered lots grounds here and I learned a great deal on the subject.

Is Online Impulsive Shopping Addiction Real? – Add to cart! For those who like Lazada and Shopee, you should be concern about creating habits that are not healthy in online shopping. What are those and how does the Bible response. Watch as Aaron Daniel Sy explain all of it in this video.

“Usbong” a new discipleship book– Hot off the press is this book written by Jerald “Toral” Sardina. This one is geared for small groups in your church. Check and grab a copy at the FB Page of this book.

“Five Solas, One Gospel” by Derick Parfan – Another new book on this list is Five Solas, One Gospel from Treasuring Christ PH. Derick Parfan takes the reader to the foundational doctrine of the Christian faith. This will be released on the 4th week of August so this means you have to pre-order it by following this link.

A Critical Re-Examination of “The Prophet” from Chick Publications – Have you read those Jack Chick tracts and comics? Have you been fooled with its untruths and conspiracy stuff? Read the debunking article by Shaun Dy by clicking here.

Living the Natural God-given Sex/Gender Vs Sex and Gender Relativism – Kabataan Repormista Project went live on FB with this very interesting and relevant topic.  Mr. Jeshurun Arcilla presented the topic and you can watch it here.

“Sana All” – How to avoid envy & be content – Speaking of FB videos, Here’s the latest from Cherish Christ and its all about being contentment. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here.

Don’t Get Lost In Your Reading! – As readers, we already been there. You know, forgetting what we have just read. Kyle Lucido provides some tips and downloadables to help you get back on that book.

The Valley of Vision in Filipino – Romeo Endaya is posting his translation of that great book The Valley of Vision in Tagalog in quote cards on his profile. Any publisher interested in printing these?

iDISCIPLE Online Conference 2021 – And finally, the most awaited annual conference is here! Well it will be on December but we got to know the title of this years conference (The Majesty and Mission of the Church) and if you want to know the speakers and freebies for those who will register, better head over this link.

My post on this blog and other websites for July:

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One thought on “Pinoy Reformed Recap (July 2021)

  1. To God be the glory. Glad that you benefitted from the blog post brother. Let us continue to advance the gospel thru biblical and Christ-centered writings!

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