Book Review: “Both-And”(Ross Cunningham)

The internet gave us a new venue on how we get our theology. Believers get to find videos, audios, e-books and courses that will assist us to grasp the tenets of biblical Christianity. And as the internet matures it shapes also how we take information that is essentials. Theology is without exemption. We as are now netizen leaning more in the visual, infographic driven, brief videos for the fleeting attention span. This poses a new terrain for us Christians to discover.

“Both-And” gets it cues on explaining a complex yet important doctrines of the Christian faith by providing a minimalist graphic and biblical content that will stun and stir our hearts and minds.

Cunningham starts with the familiar doctrine of the Trinity which is an obvious choice since essentially it’s the most popular paradox in the Christian faith. What follows is something that I didn’t expect. I thought Cunningham will dwell on the familiar but dives to some aspects of the biblical theology that are rarely been discussed albeit illustrated in a minimalist fashion. For this reason alone, you should pick up this book.

While some illustrations conveys paradoxical truths that are truly spot on, some don’t. So the write up supports the graphic and it supports it very well. When the illustration leaves me clueless, the article comes to the rescue. In fact, you can drop the graphic and still Cunningham will have a solid book. Cunningham really knows his theology, that’s why the supporting articles are not just informative but also edifying.

That doesn’t mean, however that the graphics are just eye candy. I think it Cunningham was challenged to illustrate it a complex concept of theology into deductive style. He could have add this and that some might say but I think the illustration with its proper back-up   

“Both-And” is unique as it takes on the paradoxical concepts of the Christian theology into a minimalist graphic and wrote some heavy theological explanations on it. Visualizing theology is not new but Cunningham brings something new on the table. The entries here might not be the usual stuff and that’s what this book excels. That alone makes this book are worthy read.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Review copy of this book was provided by Christian Focus Publication.

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