8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “On Purpose” (Jonny Ivey)

Here are my favorite quotes from a book I recently finished titled On Purpose by Jonny Ivey published by Cruciform Press. You can support the author buy purchasing the book by clicking here.

“There’s nothing wrong with our intended purpose to glorify God. The problem is that, left to ourselves, we simply refuse to do so; we don’t even thank or praise him for the world he’s given us for our enjoyment.”

“We are built to be pictures of God’s glory and spectators of his glory, and this will never change. Without him, we’re constantly seeking never finding; we’re alive but not truly living; we’re tirelessly running but never getting anywhere.”

“When we see our self-worship forgiven, we become like him in his joy. When we’re looking to him on the cross, we’re like him in his outward-looking character. The cross forgives us and restores us to our purpose to glorify him by being like him. Isn’t that amazing?’

“Jesus crash course on how to enjoy life’s purpose is to lose our life. For his glory and the cause of the gospel.”

“The Spirit made us Christians by joyfully opening our eyes to our own lack of righteousness and Christ’s gracious offer of his.”

“Being made in his image means that whatever you think is good and glorious you’ll ultimately find in him and by being like him. And that’s pretty exciting.”

“By searching for our humanity within ourselves, by ourselves, and for ourselves, we deny ourselves the proper purpose of being human. Because to be human is to be the image of the other-centered, outward-looking God.”

“God is at work. And nothing is wasted. All things that happen are threads of his eternal purpose. The pain and the mundanity of your life are purposeful in every way. God is using everything to get you ready for eternity.”

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