8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Can I Know God’s Will?”(R. C. Sproul)

Here are my favorite quotes from the book, Can I Know God’s Will? by R. C. Sproul published by Reformation Trust Publishing . If you want to support the author, you can buy the physical book or download it on Kindle for free by following this link.

“…there is a God who is sovereign, whose will is greater than ours. His will restricts my will. My will cannot restrict His will. When He decrees something sovereignly, it will come to pass—whether I like it or not, whether I choose it or not. He is sovereign. I am subordinate.”

“…understanding of the will of God is desperately important for every Christian seeking to live a life that is pleasing to his or her Creator.”

“If free will means autonomy, then God cannot be sovereign. If man is utterly and completely free to do as he pleases, there can be no sovereign God. However, if God is utterly sovereign to do as He pleases, no creature can be autonomous.”

“The problem of discerning one’s calling focuses heavily on four important questions: 1. What can I do? 2. What do I like to do? 3. What would I like to be able to do? 4. What should I do?”

“We must not only bring our motivated abilities into conformity with the law of God, but also make sure that the vocation we choose has the blessing of God.”

“Any vocation that meets the need of God’s world can be considered a divine calling.”

“As Christians, we have been called to be spiritual salt in a decaying world, to be spiritual light in the midst of darkness. We are to be wise stewards of God’s gifts and talents.”

“One of the great tragedies of contemporary Christendom is the preoccupation of so many Christians with the secret decretive will of God to the exclusion and neglect of the preceptive will.”

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