8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Charitable Writing”(Richard Hughes Gibson and James E. Beitler III)

Here are my favorite quotes from the book, Charitable Writing by Richard Hughes Gibson and James E. Beitler III, published by Intervasity Press. If you want to support the authors, you can purchase the book by following this link.

“…writing is a profoundly social endeavor, whether one is writing at a table,surrounded by friends or in private.”

“For Christians, the seemingly ordinary labor of writing can rival—if not exceed in significance—the undertakings of generals, captains of industry, and heads of state. Within the Christian tradition, the acts of reading and writing can assume the weigh of epic feat.”

“We think that humility ought to be understood as the first writing virtue, just as humility has been traditionally considered the “first” of the Christian virtues. Theologians gave humility that title because they perceived that growing in humility enables us to pursue other virtues, since humility keeps our self-regarding and, ultimately, self-defeating) pride at bay.”

Charitable writing, we’ve realized, bears many resemblances to the process of assembling a mosaic, except in this case we piece together not tesserae but words.”

“…even if your writing doesn’t explore the intersections between faith and your chosen area of study or work explicitly, conducting careful research can testify to the truth, beauty, and goodness that Christ has inscribed in creation and, thus, to the Creator himself.”

“This is a truth that Christians in particular have every reason to embrace, for to recognize the deeply social nature of writing is to be liberated from the unfortunately persistent cultural myth that our writing must be entirely sui generis.”

“Procrastination doesn’t just hamper our ability to write well; it can also hamper our spiritual growth.”

“…writing is not simply mental labor; it is also manual (from the Latin manus, meaning “hand”). We write with our hands as well as our heads and hearts.”

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