Albums and EP’s I Discovered and Enjoyed In 2021

Welcome to my list of albums and EP’s I’m currently listening. This is just a partial list and I will update it by the end of the year. I’ll be doing this every middle of the year because I just can’t wait to share what I’m enjoying and I hope you’ll like it too. I know that you love music and I think you’ll looking for some good recommendations. That where this post come in. Hope this will help you the right kind of stuff. Aside from that, Delighting Grace is now gearing to music aside from books. So expect some artist and band interviews in the coming months. Kindly please pray for it.

I’ll be doing also a partial top album releases in 2021 that I really dig. So the albums and EP’s that where launch this year will not fall on this post. Release dates will vary but nevertheless I always get to spin these music on my phone and on my car. But just like this post, my top album releases will be updated in the end of the year.

Viscera (My Epic) – I have listen to a couple of albums from this alternative band but this really stands out for me and I enjoy listening to it over and over again. The haunting lyrics that brushes your conscience mixed with the atmospheric voice of Aaron Stone (like the vocalist of Death Cab For Cutie and Placebo), Viscera is a thought provoking album. The opening and ending song (Ghost Story and Open Letter) is like waking up from a dream then floods your mind with spiritual truths just before you get out of bed. If you like that kind of experience then give Viscera a spin.

Hymns IV (Page CXVI) – This is not the only album in this list that reconstruct the familiar hymns but Latifah Alattas brilliantly did it that won me over this album. The sweet, captivating voice (kinda reminds me of Sarah McLachlan) and the music she brings to the table, will bring encouragement and leads you to whisper praise to our God. I listen to it on a wee hours of the day after my graveyard shift and it’s a spiritual experience going through the songs of this album.

Kids Sing On! (The Sing Team) – The best road trip album for our family! Try listening this while going to church and all will sing along. This is the kid’s version of the infectious and LSS driven songs of the The Sing Team. To tell you honestly, this version is better that the adult one. Who says hymns are for church services and for old folks. Prepare to groove on this one.

Psalms We Sing Together (Wendell Kimbrough) – The first time I heard this artist I totally dismiss listening to him. But it came up on my suggestion section of Spotify, so I gave another chance. This album was a surprise and also the artist. Folk music and a bit of country and blues with a Bob Dylan voice and I was totally floored. The songs which are inspired by the Psalms were amazing. Heartfelt combined with great lyrics, this is a must listen.

Questions with Answers: Vol. 1, God and Creation (Dana Dirksen) – A catechism and Scripture song album on acoustic guitar and what you’ll get a whole lot of awesomeness. This not just a good way to teach your kids the doctrines of the faith it is also an enjoyable album for kids and adults you can sing along.

Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Relient K) – This is probably the most “mainstream” on the list. Saw the CD of this from an online seller and I’m considering buying it. This is also one of the artist I already heard the name but never got to check it out. So now finally I check them over Spotify. Well this is a good album and it brings me back to those pop punk and emo era of the 2000s. It a fun ride that bring the good (and some serious) vibes.

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