The Freebie Round-Up #111

Kindly lift me up in your prayers. I’m now starting to proofread a Advent book from Desiring God for Driven By The Gospel. I hope finish it within June and do please support it when it gets published.

Now that those have been taken cared of, lets proceed to our freebies. If you missed the previous one and some of the old round-up, just scroll down and you’ll find them at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

FREE conference “Devoted to Christ’s Church” – East Coast Ministers’ Conference 2021 is powered by Banner of Truth and it will be held on May 26-28. Click here to register for free.

FREE webinar “Comfort the Grieving” – SOUL CARE, the Biblical Counseling Ministry of International Baptist Church of Manila (IBCM) will hold a webinar via Zoom on May 29 featuring Ptr. Oscar Villa. To reserve your free slot, follow this link.

FREE free course “Mask of God: The Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation” (Dr. Michael Berg) – Here’s the latest free course from 1517 Academy that will explore the beauty of vocation and how it can help serve God and others.

FREE chord chart and lead sheets “All Ye Hear”, “Morning by Morning” and “Good Friday” albums– Norton Hall Band released three albums so far this year and they generously provide some free resources to help you or your church to play these hymns.

FREE audiobook “The Hiding Place” (Corrie Ten Boom)– Christian Audio has a free audiobook for you to download and enjoy.

FREE e-book “God’s Indisputable Sovereignty” (I. C. Herendeen) – This is the free e-book of the month from the ever growing Chapel Library.

FREE e-book “Everyone’s a Theologian” (R. C. Sproul)  – This is a recurring free e-book on Ligonier and I hope you’ll download it now.

Now for some e-mail list from these publisher:

10 of Those free ebook weekly

Wipf and Stock e-mail subscription

Mytrelfield House

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