8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Love Your Church”(Tony Merida)

Here are my favorite quotes from an upcoming book, Love Your Church by Tony Merida, published by The Good Book Company scheduled for release on June 1. If you want to support the author, you can pre-order by following this link.

“Belonging to a church means investing your life in a gospel-centered community of believers who joyfully serve one another and advance Jesus’ mission together.”

“We show we are part of the universal church by identifying with a real community of people locally. It’s like our union with Christ. We live out our spiritual union with Christ visibly, and we live out our union with other believers visibly.”

One of the misconceptions about pastoral care is that it is reserved only for pastors. While it’s true that pastors have a special role in the church, the work of giving care is something that is to be shared by all members.

Here’s a daily mission for all of us: be alert to the burdens of others and be committed to making them lighter.

Evangelism is not for the elite special-forces Christians but for everyone who abounds with gospel hope.

“In light of Christ’s return, you and I are called to be a contributing member of the church by faithfully doing works of ministry in ways that build up the body.

“…every time we walk into our church’s large or small gatherings, we can say of fellow believers, “All of these people are our family.”

“You won’t treat people with compassion and grace until you apply God’s grace in your own heart, live with a kingdom worldview, practice real neighbor love, and reflect to others God’s amazing mercy toward you.”

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