Book Review: “A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really)” (Rachel Jones)

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The novelty of this book is the selling point for me to get this book. I’ve reviewed books that are quite unique and rarely been discussed. Books on sleeping, sports and poetry plus an unfinished book on writing got my attention. Then this book on menstruation came and could be the most peculiar book that I have encountered. But I got some questions as I read this latest from Rachel Jones: Does this book stands on biblical grounds or it’s just to tease our curiosity? Do we really need a book like this in the first place? After diving in the book, I found answers to those inquires.

A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really) started a bit The introduction doesn’t convince me that I should read this book. However when I got pass some chapters it got me hooked. I love the way Jones connects menstruation to the fall is worth noting. As a Christian, these story in Genesis never gets old.

The middle part of the book is good and I’m impress how Jones manage to connect periods with suffering. However, it feels sometimes stretching it a bit to fit the biblical framework. So she needs it to bring it back to the “big picture” so the reader wont get lost. That’s a big let down all through out this book. Chapter 4 is enjoyable for me and that one really got me off my feet.

The latter part of the gave me reasons to finish it to the end. Jones insight on how menstruation and menopause hinder in the OT the coming of the Messiah brings on the table is good insight. However, I cant shake the thought that was brought all along the book that its a bit stretching the the Scriptures. And because its short I’m thankful Jones didn’t use it as justification for the writing of the book. Another what I find quite annoying is that she keeps on repeating lines that goes like I hope you find book… kind of a filler for me as a reader.

A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really) is a nice excursion to the woman’s body that is an image bearer of God and how the effects of the fall brought a curse (but also a blessing) to God’s creation. I might give this a pass not because of the novelty or I’m not the target audience. It’s just that Jones is limited on things to back up to make a good case for the topic. Yes, its accessible. Yes, its brief. Yes, it drives the gospel well. It’s an enjoyable adventure to be sure. Then again, that’s not enough to have a solid book. However, I think new believers specially women will appreciate more of this kind book. Also to guys who are definitely clueless on periods but too embarrassed to ask his wife. I think this is a primer that doesn’t need an in-depth book because there is nothing to ground with the topic.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

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