8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really)”(Rachel Jones)

The Good Book Company recently released books and I got to review them. First was from Alistair Begg which you can read my favorite quotes last month. Then this one from Rachel Jones which I posted a review. Now in this post, are my favorite quote from the newly released book A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really) by Rachel Jones, published by The Good Book Company. If you want to support the author, you can buy this book by following this link.

“…the Bible reminds us that the real battle is not actually between our “hormonal self” and our “real self”. It’s between our new self and our earthly nature.”

“…for God’s people today, this is the main way we bring life into the world: not by bearing children but by making disciples. Or rather, the call to bear children is part of a bigger mission; we are to model and teach the gospel to any children we are blessed with as part of the call to go and make disciples.”

“…If the biggest reality underpinning the universe is that Jesus is Lord and that he died to bring us into an eternal relationship with God, then that should shape how we think about all the other realities of our day-to-day existence.”

“…our bodies tell us something about God. They point to the existence of someone beyond us—a Designer and a Giver—and,… reveal something about the extent of his power and the goodness of his character.”

“Yes, hormones are real, they do have a very real effect on how we’re feeling, and it is helpful to acknowledge that. But sin is equally sinful (and repentance should be equally repentant) whatever the state of our hormones.”

“When we groan—whether in the pain and confusion of suffering or in the battle against sin—the Spirit knows just what we need. The Spirit himself is praying for us in accordance with the will of God, that we might be “conformed to the image of his Son.”

“We look at our bodies and can’t help but hear them speak—but because we humans are instinctive truth-suppressors, the words we choose to hear are our own.”

“…your menstrual cycle is more than a mess. It’s more than a mystery. It’s part of life in a female body, as an image-bearer who displays the glory of God.”

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