8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Brave By Faith” (Alistair Begg)

One translator team member will also be involved in translating a study guide and subtitle of the complimentary video. Kindly lift him up as he do the work that will reach many Filipinos who haven’t heard the gospel.

Anyways, here are my favorite quote from the upcoming book Brave by Faith by Alistair Begg, published by The Good Book Company. If you want to support the author, you can pre-order/buy this book by following this link.

“…know the God who will give you all you need in the situation he has put you into, to enable you to stand firm for him and say, No, I am not going to give in.”

“Pragmatism is the enemy of obedience. When we base our decision-making on what looks more sensible or beneficial or understandable, then, when it comes to it, we’re going to worship our culture’s idols instead of obeying God.”

“…what is our job? It is this: to faithfully proclaim the gospel. And what is God’s? It is to sovereignly, mercifully work through what his servants say.”

“…we must not turn our gospel message into one of how super people are, and how God can offer one or two upgrades to their innate awesomeness, rather than be clear that the gospel tells us how dreadful we really are, and how in need of God’s mercy we are, and how undeserved yet unfailing that mercy is.”

“God’s kingdom, and not my nation, is where we belong and where we will be at home, and if we confuse the two, we open ourselves up to confused loyalties and a compromised faith.”

“The cross and tomb are where we are invited into the kingdom, and where chaos begins to be transformed into peace.”

“In order not to compromise and blend in with post-Christian culture, we will be tempted to make a run for it, to circle the wagons and isolate ourselves, or to stand outside of our culture and shout at it. Instead, we are to serve, and serve well.”

“Remember to lift your eyes to a higher throne, a greater King, and a nobler cause—and you will be equipped to serve well in every way you can, and to stand firm when you must.”

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