8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Reading The Times” (Jeffrey Bilbro)

Our translatiom of Risk is Right will be submitted to a publishing company for editing and hopefully for publishing soon. In a meantime, I have an upcoming project for an Advent devotional to be translated in Filipino. Please consider praying and supporting these works as we reqch more people for God.

Anyways, here are my favorite quote from the upcoming book Reading The Times by Jeffrey Bilbro published by Intervarsity Press. If you want to support the author, you can pre-order/buy this book by following this link.

“A high view of Providence and a chastened sense of our ability to recognize God’s methods of victory frees us from worrying about whether a given event is good or bad.”

“The primary light we need to participate in democracy, to serve the common good, and to dwell as faithful citizens of the City of God is shed not by the Washington Post but by “the light of the world” (Jn 8:12).”

” Is our belonging in the public sphere dictating our interactions with our fellow church members, relatives, and neighbors, or are we entering the public sphere on the basis of our commitments to our neighbors, the least of these in our community, and our fellow parishioners?”

“When the news sets itself up as the light of the world, it is usurping the role that rightly belongs only to the Word proclaimed in the gospel. But when the news helps us attend together to the ongoing work of this Word, it plays a vital role in enabling us to love our neighbors.”

“By flooding us with information to which we can have no meaningful response, these technologies threaten to malform our affective sensibilities. The goal of a properly attentive life is right love and right action, and this goal is not served when we are caught up in distant dramas.”

“As Christians…we should not ask whether an individual or occurrence is on the “right side of history”; instead, we should seek to discern how the events of our day might participate in the drama of God’s ongoing redemption of creation.”

” Structuring our days and weeks instead around Christ orients us to his story and equips us to fit the news of our day into the redemptive pattern of his life and work.”

“…we need to conduct an emotional audit and consider which issues or news items cause us to become angry, outraged, or excited: Are we grieving over what grieves God and rejoicing over what brings him joy? Or have we become emotionally invested in trivia while growing apathetic about matters of real import?”

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