Making Much of Our Transition

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Changes is inevitable! We have mix feelings when changes come to our door. We anticipate it. We want it. We get off guard with it. What ever those we feel when seasons of change comes, definitively we wont be the same. However, we can navigate through it and save us some pain.

My first dip in this new book by D. Michael Lindsay, I was not sure what I’m reading when I was confronted with Lindsay’s PLATINUM Leaders. I was a bit puzzled by it till he mentioned it was discussed in his previous book. It’s a leadership book. So the inevitable question came to mind: Is this a leadership or Christian living book? As the book unfolds, it does sometimes go to those leadership territories since Lindsay lifts up lessons from key leaders he met and interviewed. It also touches vocation which will take one of the stages of change. But it shifts back to what you want it to be: a book for ordinary Christians who wants to make much of opportunities that will alter their lives. In short, Lindsay try to balance these territories but somehow dwells often on leadership. However, it’s still ok for me.

Hinge Moments tackles the different stages of change or hinge moments. These stages are discernment, anticipation, intersection, landing, integration, inspiration and realization. I like the metaphor of the door and the design of the book that looks like a door is commendable. It adds a constant reminder to the reader as he goes along the book.

Hinge Moments is straight forward with less illustrations, stories, stats or data to make a point to bog you down. Practical without being pushy for you to try. Biblical but it doesn’t stuff you too much Bible verses. The book flows smoothly and littered with nuggets of truth everywhere. Stories from leaders of different industries (some are Christians) will help drive the point of every stages of transition. It will aspire you to anticipate those changes as you find that you’re not alone as you walk with your own hinge moments. Everything in this book is almost quotable.

Lindsay knows the in and outs of what he wrote here. The wisdom that doesn’t give you information overload. Insights that are spot on and relatable. He still maintain that amount of stories and research up to the middle part of the book. But just when you thought you want to put it down then comes some great stuff from this experienced leader. That’s why you might say that Gordon College made a right choice in picking Lindsay as their president.

I like this steady stream of stories, data and research as I reach the end of this book. Just the right amount. Then Lindsay will convey a wisdom and practical discussion. If you notice he tell few of his personal stories for illustration in this book. However, he save it for the last two chapters where he tells about the story of his daughter and his story with Gordon College that will show his vulnerable side as a leader. It will tug your heart. Lindsay’s vulnerability adds a touch of humbleness and makes you want to follow this authors example in facing hinge moments.

Hinge Moments digs on understanding transitions and did the job superbly. Lindsay with his wisdom and biblical insight got transitions cornered and nowhere to go. So be confident to pick up this book in what ever stage of change you are in and you’ll be equipped to face these challenges. Highly recommended!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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