8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Love Story” (Glen Scrivener)

I have a new quote cards collection involving the this post over my FB page and also a fresh translated article from Joe Carter now live at the Driven By The Gospel website. Hope you’ll check those updates.

Now here are my favorite quote from the book Love Story by Glen Scrivener published by 10 Publishing. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“Christians insist on telling a story – all about God coming to earth to die for his creatures. More than its creeds or rituals or moral codes, it is the Easter story that is central for Christians.”

“without Easter faith we ought to conclude that life is a brief moment in the sun which the darkness will then swallow. Such a philosophy is, in the end, unliveable.”

Just as the knight comes to slay the dragon, so Jesus came to defeat the powers of evil. Just as the prince comes to marry the pauper, so Jesus came to win his beloved people. Just as the hero comes to complete the quest, so Jesus came on a mission from God. And as he fulfils all these classically heroic roles, Jesus turns rags to riches and tragedy to comedy. Here is the love story that has really happened!

“The God of the Easter story is not looking for soldiers, slaves or moralists. He’s not looking for good intentions, good efforts or good works. He’s looking for Gomers to come home.”

“Easter is the ultimate and original myth – the myth that really happened.”

“Before and beyond our world there is a flow, an almighty dance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The ultimate back story is a God who is love. No wonder the rest of the story unfolds as a great romance.”

“The Bible tells a love story. There is a romance with one hero at its centre – the Son of God – and he longs to bring us home.”

“The Jesus movement has exploded on to the world stage and continues to mushroom in size. It’s worth trying to trace back this ‘blast’ to its origin. When was ‘ground zero’ from which all this activity began? Undoubtedly it was Easter Sunday.”

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