8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Why Children Matter” (Douglas Wilson)

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Now here are my favorite quote from the book Why Children Matter by Douglas Wilson published by Canon Press. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

Your purpose as parents is ultimately to be the instrument of your children’s salvation. You are not the ground of their salvation, but you are commanded to imitate the One who is the ground of their salvation.

“Bringing your children up is not abstract bookkeeping, but rather a story that spans from plowing and planting to harvest. It is a story, and you need to have your eye on the story so that when you discipline your children it is with an eye on the harvest—in this case, for the sake of their own good. The harvest comes when they too realize the peaceful fruit of an upright life.”

“If you want to be a godly Christian parent without being a godly Christian who dies to yourself and your desires, then you have got everything all wrong from the beginning.”

“Godly parenting is a function of becoming more like Jesus in the presence of little ones who are also in the process of becoming more like Jesus.”

“Godly teaching, character formation, and discipleship are simply this—loving God and loving the thing you are doing currently in the presence of another person whom you also love.”

“There is no place on the planet where you can hide your kids from the presence of sin.

“..disciplining children is the Christian life in microcosm. It is not some secular pursuit detached from issues like sin and forgiveness, gospel and redemption. Child discipline is all about Jesus.”

“Your requirement to discipline has to be based on what God tells you to do in this moment, not based on whether you were the kind of kid you ought to have been.”

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