8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Parenting God’s Way” (Alistair Begg)

If you haven’t been on this blog’s FB Page lately, there are some quotes card collections that are waiting for you to check out. These are from books I read and I hope you’ll like it to share it with others. There’s more to come, but for now check some albums from the books A Poetic of Orthodoxy (Benjamin P. Myers), Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World (Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson), Confess (Trevor Bates), Being a Small Group Leader (Richard Sweatman), The Everyday Gospel (Tim Chester) and  Last Words (Robert J. Nash).

Now here are my favorite quote from the book Parenting God’s Way by Alistair Begg published by 10 Publishing. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“If spirituality is not a particular priority in the balanced diet of a family, we cannot expect our children to gravitate toward spiritual values for sustenance as they begin to grow and reach out to feed themselves.”

“In God lies the perfect answer to parenting, for God the Father is the perfect parent.”

“All the cultural assumptions and trendy ideas of progress will quickly fade before the living truth of a home as God designed it.”

“God gives fathers the responsibility of instruction. Sunday school instruction is a wonderful thing. Instruction at godly Christian schools is beneficial too, but ultimately, the issue of guidance boils down to the father; his training and instruction will make or break the child.”

“Mothers are one of the greatest signposts God ever fixed on this earth.”

“They who labor in the workplace strengthen a company, but they who labor in the home build the future.”

“The greatest thing any father can do is to love his children’s mother. The best gift he can give his children is to nurture her. As she pours herself out in the service of her offspring, the father and husband must do the same in caring for her.”

“God has a very special place for mothers in His created order. They are among His most sacred and beautiful gifts to humanity.”

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