Vintage Prayers for Lent

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There are lots of things that we can learn in our own prayers. One of which is how theology goes through the different challenges that we encounter in our lives. We might feel joy, lost, doubts and depression. In our prayer we will discover not just what those truths mean to us but how it will shape us in the process. We cannot escape the fact as part of our theology, also reveals our view on God. Knowing God provides our prayer life a fervent devotion to Him and how our human experiences find context with this kind of knowledge.

An Ocean of Grace collects these fervent devotions from voices of the past. These are not mere for nostalgic purposes but we can do learn a lot from different Christians in different places and time. We can learn from by reading their sermons and books. How much more when we glean to their intimate moments with the Lord. It can be a different spiritual experience.

An Ocean of Grace is sort of The Valley of Vision geared for Holy Week. This book features prayers, hymns and words from saints of the past. But the one who took the cake here are the prayers that are soul stirring.
I only read a few entries of this book and check the ones for passion week. It’s enough for me to stop and consider to think about Lent. I don’t usually observe Holy Week because it would feel like a nod to my former religion, Roman Catholic. I know that some Protestant brethren do observe it but for me its a pass. However, An Ocean of Grace changed my mind. So I didn’t finish reading the book lest I spoiled my upcoming Lent quite time using this book.

An Ocean of Grace is indeed telling us how wide and deep grace can be with the cloud of witnesses and their enduring prayer to God. The book instructs us to read it loud, re-read and read it slow every entry. But for me this book has this overpowering force that reading such finds you unworthy. The intimate, personal and penetrating. If Chester left us stunned with his Advent devotional, Fixated then An Ocean of Grace will continue to astonish us with God’s Word and these vintage prayers. This is another home run for the author. Plan out your Lenten journey with these fellow pilgrims! Highly recommended!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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