Facilitating A Breakout Session

To be honest being included as a speaker at this years iDisciple Philippines conference didnt sink easily on me. Of course, every bloggers dream is to jump from a platform to another, to be heard in a different but wider audience. This means he’s gonna taste something different and be at an unfamiliar place which he will have an opportunity to glorify God. I have to wait to see the digital poster with my photo there before I can say that I’m really speaking at a conference. Yes no need to pinch myself.

It happened I think September when I received a message from pastor Franco. Ived known him for years but never had the time to talk to him nor collab in some ministry endevour. I think he invited me a couple of times to attend the conference. Once I planned to attend but life happens. I contact him early this year for a big project which he agreed however, this pandemic came and the supposed project was postponed. He also connected to me to ask permission to use my review of the book, Humble Calvinism for their website. Anyways, he reached out to me if I would like to be part of this years iDisciple conference which will be held online. To which I answered Yes without hesistation. I know this will be a first to me to speak and have the breakout session live online.

Preparing for the hand outs and powerpoint presentation is nerve wracking. I have to prepare it in three days before the my session. Due to my family moving to the rural area, waiting for the internet connection (which lead me to miss 2 Zoom meeting of the breakout session speakers), working on my blog and gigs from Driven By the Gospel, my tiring work and topped that some family and personal struggles, I have to work out the materials in a limited time. I have to produce it with the intention of not copy and paste stuff from the internet but would reflect my personal experience on the topic. So I have to produce it during Christmas day and on the 26th in which I missed out some of my family’s trip in Batangas.

If working the presentation is stressful then presenting it to the delegates is something else. The night before this, James (the host of the Zoom meeting) told me that there will be foreign delegate so I have to speak in English. Yikes! Its my first conference and I have to talk in English which I’m not so fluent (although my blog is written in English). So I have to write a script so I wont get lost that night and the next day. In between that is having a haircut and my beard shaved (so I’ll be presentable.) The final hour before the presentation I have to squeeze eating lunch and setting up the phone.

During the Zoom meeting I stuttered alot. So during our 5 minute break I have to apologies to the delegates. Haha! Good thing James attached the handouts and slides on the chat section so if they dont understand what I’m saying or missed something they can refer to it. Finishing the session we almost forgot to pray. Ooops! Good thing I remember after answering so questions from the delegates. If you guys are reading this, thank you for bearing it with me and being nice to this poor soul. LOL! I think I miss out saying something but I’m trusting the Lord that what I have shared is enough.

This breakout session was an experience I wont ever forget. I thank the iDisciple Philippines team for delivering conference that is truly grounded on the Scriptures. Special thanks to Ptr. Franco Ferrer for trusting me in this session and for the love gift. To James Soriano my host for assisting the pre and post breakout. To Dianne Marie Bantola for constantly updating us through the group chat. To the plenary and breakout speakers, thank you for sharing your godly talks. To Joan Panizales for letting me use her Oppo phone for the Zoom meeting. To all delagates of this conference, may you have been blessed with the messages you had watched and I pray that you’ll apply these truths in your churches and ministries. Finally to God who keeps on molding this clay for His purpose and for His glory.

Oh before I end this I would to share to you the hand outs and slides of the breakout session. Hope this freebie will help you on the topic of books.

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