8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World” (Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson)

I have a newly translated article over Driven by the Gospel that might interest you specially if your eyeing for church membership.

Anyways, here are my favorite quotes from the book  Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World by Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson, published by Fan and Flame Press. If you like these quotes and want to support the authors, consider grabbing a copy of the book by clicking here.

“Blogging can be an isolated calling. Do everything you can to remain in the community. Encourage other bloggers, and be real enough to experience the encouragement that can come from those in the trenches with you.”

“Dont be obsess over what your blog can become or where it can get you; rather, let your focus be serving your readers and glorifying God. Lift others up, and lift Christ up higher still.”

“Our hearts are so fickle. Success and Failure alike can bring out the worst in us. But these moments are opportunities for self-understanding and sanctification if you allow God to use them. The glory that is brought to God is not proportionate to your subscription list.”

“Blogging for God’s glory shouldn’t be misunderstood as blogging so that no one except God ever sees or knows your writing exists.”

“Our writing is falliable; God’s is infallible. Our writing is errant; his is inerrant. The world judges authors by their creativity and brilliance. But we know our words, no matter how pretty, will return to dust unless they convey God’s truth.”

“Don’t ignore your true audience for the audience you want, however noble your desire is to engage that imaginary audience “out there”. Your blog isn’t the field of dreams. “If you built it, they will come”  is unlikely to work with your blog. Built your blog for those who are already there. Serve them.”

“To blog for God’s glory means to have our motivation aligned with his, namely, to blog for the praise of his glorious grace. He must increase; we must decrease.”

“If God has called you to the ministry of blogging, run steady, run hard, and strengthen your discipline that God might use your to win some to himself.”

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