8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Being a Small Group Leader” (Richard Sweatman)

Got my Huawei tablet fixed and I turned it into a reading gadget. I’ll tell you all about it on an upcoming post.

Here’s some quotes from the book, Being a Small Group Leader by Richard Sweatman published by Matthias Media. If you like these quotes, consider supporting the author by purchasing the book by clicking this link.

“It’s important as Christians and leaders that we don’t just know about God; we must actually know God. Our knowledge must be part of a genuine relationship with him.”

“Knowing God is essential for every Christian and so it’s important that leaders live this out and model it to group members.”

“Our life and doctrine really do matter—not just for ourselves, but for the people we lead and teach as well.”

“Character is that quality of being tested in life and proving solid.”

“When we lead a Growth Group we will be teaching the Bible and calling on people to believe it and live it out. But if we are not doing this ourselves we would be hypocrites without integrity. That would be a tragedy, not only for our own leadership, but because it would mean people in our group might follow our example and not take God’s word seriously either.”

“Teaching is helping people to learn things. In Christian ministry it’s about explaining truth from the Bible and helping people read and understand things for themselves. Growth Group leaders are not merely facilitators or discussion leaders but teachers of God’s word.”

“God is the ultimate encourager and we always need to be looking to him for encouragement. However, the Bible also says encouraging others is something for all Christians to be doing.”

“A good leader will be able to ask questions and leave space for people to think and discuss answers. They’ll also encourage people when they are on the right track.”

Do you want more quotes from this book? Click this link to read more!

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