A List Of Reformed Books Online Sellers in the Philippines

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

So now you embrace the doctrine of grace and want to strenghten your faith by reading Reformed books. But you have a problem? Some of the books you want to buy are not available in your local bookstore. Some are pricey and it takes months to arrive. Fret no more! Here’s  a nifty list of sellers in the Philippines that offers solid biblical books.

Coram Deo Books – CDB is a “book distribution ministry of quality Christ-centered, God-glorifying, biblically-sound spiritual/theological books. Mission: to reach readers with books that will enrich their minds and hearts in order to effectively engage the culture to God’s glory.” They have limited copies and open for pre-orders.

Puritan Project Philippines– PPP’s aim is “promoting Puritan and Calvinstic literature in the Philippines”. Go check their FB Page for books they’re currently have and their magazine.

Reformed Books Marketplace PH – You can get not only brand new stuff but second hand, pre-loved from members of this FB group. You can do sell and trade with your books here.

The Wretched Bookworm – is “an online bookstore under permission Evangelical Outreach Inc. (EOI), a book ministry of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church, importer of Christian books and Bible.” Go check their FB page to see the latest books they’re selling.

Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kylen– If you want books published by Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPG) then connect with this book ministry based in Antipolo. They offer all books at 80 % off and with free shipping within the Philippines. Sweet! Contact Sharon Kleyn at 0905-528-1772 or at sharonkleyn@prca.org if you’d like to order any book, receive their current list of available titles and subscribe to the newsletter.

Treasuring Christ PH – Aside from free ebooks and online teachings, Treasuring Christ PH now locally publishes books. That means books can be purchased for a friendly price. As of now the have a few titles like the Filipino version of Coronavirus and Christ (John Piper), Habakkuk: Pag-asa sa Panahon ng Pandemic (Derick Parfan), Expositional Preaching (David Helm), and The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ (Ray Ortlund). But there are more books coming soon.

Of course we shouldn’t dismiss OMFLit and CLC Philippines, two big names in Christian publishing here in the Philippines. They sometimes publish locally Reformed authors and sells imported books. Contact them and ask if they carry a specific title.

So this is my list of Reformed book sellers online here in the Philippines. If I missed out something or if you want to help grow this list, comment down below or e-mail me at nitoymgonzales@gmail.com.

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