Community Research As Part of the Great Commission

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Peoples On the Move is primer on community reasearch need to understand your “neighbor”. And when I say “neighbor”, it might not be the ones who you grew up with. Many factors can contribute to the constant shifting of society and culture. Immigations has the big share of this shift. This change will greatly affect how to will interact to people who we want to share the gospel. The “neighbor” might be down your street you grew up with, an city in Southeast Asia or an isolated tribe in Africa. All of them are changing but what is not changing is for these folks to hear the gospel. Community reasearch can be the answer to navigate us through those changes.

Reading Peoples On the Move, you’ll find it more than a primer but a guidebook that you can apply what you learn immediately. Casey distilled all the essentials to move you to action. It gives your the step by step on how to do it. From gathering information to actual field work to interpreting the data, Casey gives you the pros and cons and everything in between without being technical (well there is a part though but it’s not that long). It’s a drone shot view of something you might consider complex and technical (which it is) yet accessible. 

Casey’s experience in community research are littered all over the book that makes  a facinating and insightful read that takes you to different places not just in America. If you think doing this work in other places in the world can be tough, then wait for the accounts he have in places in the States. Stories are wrapped within the procedures Casey are laying for the researchers so it’s not all textbook stuff but real life application. For a short book like this, you can really feel that Casey knows the ins and outs of community research. 

Anthony Casey brings a great case for community reasearch in Peoples On the Move and stamp it as an indespensible tool for the advancement of Christ church. Pick this book up if your church is considering reaching out certain places that God is moving your into. Read Peoples On the Move as a ordinary Christian so you’ll appreciate community research.  It’s encouraging enough to spark interest in this kind of work as part of spreading the gospel.

My verdict:
4.5 out of 5

Purchase the book by clicking here.

Read my favorite quotes from the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by Wipf and Stock Publishers)

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