8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Revolutionary God” by Joel Morris

My family is now moving to the rural area and of course, there will be adjustments. So we need to be flexible and still put God as our priority. We covet your prayers regarding these matters.

Now for some quotes from the book, Revolutionary God by Joel Morris published by Christian Focus. If you like these quotes, consider supporting the author by purchasing the book by clicking this link.

“The Christian revolutionary has a large heart full of the love and fear of almighty God. It is warmed by the fuel of the gospel burning deep down – this is a deep spiritual revolution! “

“You might not think of yourself as having taken part in any revolution but, if you are someone who would identify as a follower of Jesus Christ, then you certainly have done and are doing! “

“God the Father has been reforming His creation since the Fall, all with the aim of restoring creation back to Himself through His called-out people, beginning with Abraham. Abraham was the first significant step to restoring Eden.”

“God’s revolution is made up of diversely gifted people, all serving and working together in harmony under Christ our head! The Bible is clear that these grace gifts are for the common good of the church, not for the individual to profit. “

“As Christians, our revolutionary war isn’t against a people or state, but against the slavery of our natures leading to death, the way of the world and the Devil. “

“You are either going along with this subversion and are under the curse, or you are part of the revolution set on spreading the word of God to rescue people for Jesus. “

“Through our union with Christ, the Holy Spirit poured on Christ is poured out in our hearts. This is the sweet blessing of this union, the Spirit flows down from the Father on to the Son, who is our head, and on to His body the church. The love of God poured on us from the Father through the Son. So, blessing comes through unity in the church in union with Christ its head. “

“God doesn’t ever change, and because He doesn’t change, the world must change and conform to His will as its creator. God is always the one who is bringing revolution for His glory and for the sake of His Church, working out His divine plan for the world. He is the father of revolution but doesn’t reform Himself. “

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