8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “God and Politics” by Mark Dever

Guys, kindly uphold my family in prayer. Please pray for our health and for financial needs. Also some projects that I’m involved. May God guide me always in every decision and steps we will take.

Anyways, here’s my favorite quotes from the book, God and Politics by Mark Dever published by 10 Publishing. I encourage you buy yourself a copy by clicking this link.

“Not all authority is used for good, though authority is its very essence is good by its very nature. Authority is not always used for good in a fallen world.”

“The purpose of all government should be to bless those within the scope of its authority. Not to use it for yourself if you are in government, but as Paul says in Romans 13 verse 4, “They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.”

“So if Romans 13 tells us about the good of the state, Revelation 13 gives us a picture of what happens when the state clashes with God and opposes God and persecutes Christians.”

“Christians are finally accountable to God. And because Christians are finally accountable to God, as we see here when it says “[Give] to God what is God’s”, our duty to earthly authority is limited.”

“We understand there is a legitimate role for government and we are thankful for it, and we understand that earthly governments are not the ultimate authority.”

“We are His. Therefore you give that coin back to Caesar but you give yourself to God.”

“God’s provisions and promises for us in crisis lead us to sufficiently respect the fallen governments of the world, and yet, give us hope to endure them and to work and hope for something infinitely better.”

“we necessarily have to leave some space for civil disobedience when an authority commands something that is morally wrong.”

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