Give Your Kids The Greatest Song This Christmas

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Remember the time when you’re so happy that you express that overflowing joy by singing? Who among us didn’t experience that sudden outburst of joy and how singing releases that good feeling. That’s how angels, Mary and old Simeon felt when they here the good news. Alison Brewis captures it in this children’s book The First Christmas Song.

The First Christmas Song tells (or rhymes) the “song” of Mary, the angels and old Simeon as they encounter the newborn King. The book encourages us to sing along to their song that brings them joy. 

Brewis didn’t just dwell on the nativity scene but connects it outside like by including Simeon on the book. Parents can show to their kids that the reach of Christmas and the power of it’s “song” goes beyond familiar characters  that usually can be found in a manger scene, but other figures in the Bible. The “song” is contagious because it’s supernatural. It came from God. It is the good news of the birth of a King. The song is the gospel. 

The rhyme in the book is good and enjoyable. Parents and kids will enjoy reading it together. But I would like for the kid to ask (if they’re already talking) “Who is Simeon?” after they read the story. I think it will give the parents a way to introduce Simeon and use it as a jump off point to present other Bible characters. 

The artwork of Kezia Hulse is good compliments the story and spot on every page. I those parts that are overblown like the portrait of old Simeon and Mary and Joseph taking baby Jesus to the temple. I like how she made those spaces work best in telling the story.

The First Christmas Song gives parents and children’s a glimpse on how the power of Christ birth connects beyond the manger. The true message of Christmas is the gospel, a contagious song we sing after 2,000 years. So join in, sing and be part of the choir.

My verdict:
5 out of 5 

Get your own of the book by clicking here.
( Review copy of this book was provided by 10 Publishing)

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