Book Review “Raising Kids With A Heart for Mission ” by Daniel Akin

Have you read a book that pose like a problem or a question that you find hard and tricky that you can’t think of an answer? But once you sit and read it, it is as if you unlock a door or gave you a sense of relief? Well this new book from Daniel Akin, which is part of an excellent series by 10 of Those, is one of those books.

Teaching your children to be mission minded might be a tall one, but Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions gives 10 principles or action plans that really does the job. You might think that with the shortness of this book one might settle for something free. A blog post or online article might do the trick than purchase a book that might have the same content. However, Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions has the “meat”. It’s not served in one big slab on a plate but bits and pieces all throughout the book.

As I dive into this short book, I notice that this is leaning more on mission than the “raising kids…” part. It’s not to say that the parenting part is found wanting, but Akin dwells tackling mission more. He did it superbly and thoroughly practical. Also Akin sometimes rely on quoting chunks of references which is good but I think I much interested in his own stories which can be a powerful drive on the book.

Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions delivers a practical and biblical advice for parents to cultivate a missional awareness to their children. This is a one sitting read is a great help for the next generation who want to reach out the nations or their neighborhood.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Read sample quotes from the book here.

Purchase the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by 10 Publishing.)

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