Children’s Book Review: “Good News for Little Hearts”

This review will cover the recently release books of the children’s book series Good News for Little Hearts by CCEF published by New Growth Press. The books are Caspian Crashes the Party, Halle Takes A Stand and Buster Tries to Bail . Individual reviews of the books and ratings can be read below. Links are also provided so you can purchase the books.


I lover how the flow of the story in each book. They don’t just make a story and insert the lessons they’re trying to tell. It fits hand in glove. Characters are lovable and are given their spotlight on the story. Introducing the main character and how they were handle all through out the story is superbly done. They emphasize on the unpredictability of the story which won’t give a hint on what is the ending. You’ll read it to the last page. When they’re on discussing the biblical part, it’s not preachy but you can sense the the gentleness as the character having that “learning the lesson” moments. They don’t rush to get the story done and every scene was given enough space for readers to absorb.

Kids are presented here people who they can go to if they need a help if they are experiencing these emotions. In this book, it’s the father, preacher and teacher. A Bible verse always plays a part of pointing the characters here the importance of reading the Bible and how it can help them through their problems. The “antagonist” in the stories in the end doesn’t stay as the baddies. They all become part of the happy ending not just for the main characters. Nothing scary nor creepy here. Just wholesome stuff for the family. Heart warming, enjoyable and of course biblically sound.


As for the artwork, it’s excellent! I admire how the character design although at first I can’t identify the male and female. The letterings are eye catching too not relying to the colors nor the the drawings. The how the artist uses tools and things common to humans as houses, beds, table etc. for the furry characters of the stories. It’s fun to see those things as added aesthetics in this already colorful book.

Caspian Crashes the Party

The first book I read from the three. So this is my first dip to these children’s book. I like the way how the siblings are introduced and how they do play a role on the story.

My verdict: 4 out of 5

Halle Takes A Stand

Among the three new books, this is my favorite. The story is not the typical bully stuff that you’ll read. Lots of surprises here and there. The ending takes the cake in this story about how to fit in. I was touched by this story. Also you get to see Paul Tripp as an owl. LOL

My verdict: 5 out of 5

Buster Tries to Bail

The two characters Buster and his coach presents two ways on handling stress. It feels like a fork on the road in the story then it comes together again near the end. I seems to present to kids that everyone can undergo stress. I appreciate how they utilized that to drive the story.

My verdict: 4.5 out of 5

(Review copy of these books was provided by New Growth Press)

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