8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “ Peoples On The Move ” by Anthony F. Casey

There’s another God given opportunity for me to minister folks online. I’ll be contributing articles for Driven By The Gospel (DBTG). I hope you’ll check not just my articles soon but also stuff they already dished out.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Peoples On The Move by Anthony F. Casey published by Wipf and Stock. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“we use the research to develop an appropriate ministry strategy for the specifics of the community. We seek to answer questions such as who lives here, what languages do they speak, what spiritual beliefs do they have, what family structures are, what needs do people have, what resources might already be present to meet these needs, what churches are at work, and what is the most appropriate strategy for ministry?”

“The ultimate goal for most of the research projects on which I’ve worked was to plant healthy, disciple-making churches. The application of research is essential for how this process works. “

” It is a good idea to observe first, sometimes even for several visits and then review your notes on the physical space and begin asking questions about what you’ve noticed. At some point, however, the information from your interviews will lead you to investigate new physical areas, or revisit previous ones with fresh eyes.”

“Living among the people is the best way to see all of life as well as build rapport that will allow people to feel comfortable with the researcher and not hold back.”

“We are often blinded to many things in the community we grow up in or in which we are overly familiar. At some point, we stop looking at the world around us. Keen observation, however, is essential for good community research.”

“Wherever you begin, you can start focusing on becoming a better observer. Start to look at everything with new eyes and think of what kinds of questions you might ask to better understand the dynamics.”

” Effective ministry and missions requires we know something of the cultural dynamic in our communities. What cultural barriers keep people from interacting with one another? Are any bridges present between cultures that we can use to bring people together? Good research provides us with the answers.”

“A diverse neighborhood does not automatically result in a diverse church even when one is planted at the intersection of a variety of peoples. Social and ethnic identity is oftentimes more important than geographic proximity.”

One thought on “8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “ Peoples On The Move ” by Anthony F. Casey

  1. I like the part that talks about “cultural dynamic in our communities.” For foreign missions, this is very crucial. Witnesssing won’t be as effective if we cannot understand how people in a certain culture would take it in or how they would relate to the message.

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