8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission ” by Daniel Akin

Had a blast with my family for a 4 day staycation over my parents house. Minimal online time, had a short road trip, chatting, watching TV together, ate Ramen noodles and long sleeps. I thank God for the quality time we had.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Raising Kids With A Heart for Mission by Daniel Akin published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“Obeying the Great Commission should begin in the home, though it should certainly not end there.

“Missionary heroes should be a staple of the spiritual diet of your children.”

“There is a vital role for fathers and mothers (and grandparents) to play in conveying and modeling a missional life for their children who, by God’s grace and for His glory, follow in their footsteps.”

“Because lost people matter to God, lost people should matter to us.”

“Teach them that the greatest missionary is Jesus and that the greatest Christian missionary is the apostle Paul! Good theology will be a missionary theology. The two should always go together.”

“Expose your children to missionaries and their lives by having them in your church and home, by sharing a meal with them, by listening to their stories, by reading their newsletters and email updates, and by praying for them by name.”

“The prayer is not, as many often think, ‘Lord, should I go?’ No, the prayer I challenge all of us to pray is this, ‘Lord, why should I stay?’.”

“As the missionary Hudson Taylor is said to have famously declared, ‘The Great Commission is not an option to consider; it is a command to be obeyed.’ Let our obedience begin, but not end, with those closest and dearest to us. Let it begin in our homes.”

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