Book Review: “The Best Christmas Ever” by William Taylor

Christmas is and will always be connected with family. The warmth it brings gets folks together gives everyone the sense of belongingness. That is the spirit that Christmas as December rolls in.

Belongingness is the essence of this evangelistic book by William Taylor’s The Best Christmas Ever. Well this kind of connection Taylor tackled in this small volume goes beyond the our earthly family. It focuses on on our relationship with God. Taylor discusses John 1: 12-13 (with some other verses throughout the book) and how we can be included in the most important family, God’s family. It’s divided into three chapters (The Glorious Offer of Christmas, The Great Offence of Christmas and The Golden Opportunity) to give the readers points to build up what is the gospel and how to be saved or enter God’s family.

I like how Taylor stayed put on a few verse to unpack the gospel. Considering that the first chapter of the Gospel of John is a very different way of telling the birth of Jesus, Taylor handled it superbly. The author could go to a more straight forward telling of the story or go perhaps to Romans for verses on salvation, however he clings at John’s gospel. He not only kept the theme of family in the booklet, he also go much deeper on who Jesus is and the gospel.

However as much as I appreciate how the book’s focus on the few verses in the Gospel of John and how it he divided the book into three chapters to keep every points neatly intact, it seems that their is something off with the book. It might be the illustrations he used or trying to get everything in a short book. I find some thoughts are still all over the place. The initial pages had it strong but the later parts went off. Also the sinner’s prayer at the end it a red flag for me.

The Best Christmas Ever is a promising book at the start because of the welcoming feel it brings to the reader. The premise is good but it didn’t hold up to the very last page. The Christmas vibe is there but when presenting the gospel, The Best Christmas Ever is found wanting.

My verdict:

3.5 out of 5

Purchase the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by 10 Publishing.)

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