8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “A Way With Words” by Dan Darling

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Anyways, lets get into these quotes from the book, A Way With Words by Dan Darling published by B&H Books . If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“We must sometimes argue, even publicly. There are necessary discussions about public policy that affects real people or debates over doctrinal truth that shapes how we see God and how we see each other. But even as we disagree, we should work to see the humanity of those with whom we have deep disagreements. “

“So intoxicating that we are tempted to
immediately post something without stopping to consider if what we are communicating is true. And we often fail, in
these split-second decisions, to consider the humanity of the person or organization we are joining a mob to crush.”

“…in an age of spiritual abundance, with digital riches so readily available, we must not neglect the priority of the local church. There is a very present danger in allowing the internet to serve as a pseudo-church. “

“..our instinct to be right, to be first, to be heard is one of the reasons we often make mistakes. Because we don’t wait before speaking, we allow confirmation bias and the internet’s hive mind to keep us from wisely evaluating both what we are hearing and what we are communicating.”

“Being slow to speak seems bizarre in a world that is quick to speak, in a world where we can press “send” and let everyone know our opinions in a matter of minutes. But even though Scripture urges believers to, at times, speak out and to seek justice, it doesn’t ever say that we have to do so immediately. In fact, the Bible seems to counsel the opposite.”

“There are moments when it’s wise for you to post something, but other times you might consider that there are other, better places to express your thoughts, such as an article or in your local congregation or in some other format. And there are times when it’s okay, perfectly fine, to not comment at all.”

“The best kind of social media is when people are light-hearted and poking fun at themselves. Take the gospel seriously. Take your work seriously. But, for the good of your own soul, don’t take yourself seriously. This might mean shaking up your social media posts so you’re not always preaching, not always promoting, not always projecting, but sometimes just engaging in light-hearted banter with friends.”

” Part of the reason we are so easily misled into conspiracy theories and silly myths is because we resist accepting the unknown and uncertain. And the easy reach of facts gives us the illusion of knowing all. “

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