Comicbook Review: “Dominion” by Barron R. Bell

Summary: After being rejected by their Almighty deity, Saul must face the impending invasion of a formidable threat to the kingdom and a growing turmoil within his family.

Cover Art: The cover art reveals the main players of the comic on this issue. The story will revolved on them on this installment. It also gives the reader a teaser to the interior art inside the comic. But notice that they left the right side of Jonathan empty which David suppose to be there. David of course, according to the biblical narrative, had a great influence to Jonathan and eventually became best friends. I don’t know if they left that on purpose but I feels that their is something missing on the cover art ( or maybe it’s just me having too much coffee. lol). Nevertheless the cover is solid.

Storytelling: I’m completely sold with the idea of an allegorical telling of the story of King Saul set into a space opera that I don’t want to let this comic pass from my radar. Connecting it with Star Wars, Narnia, Game of Throne or Dunes really fueled my curiosity even more. As I read the comic, I wasn’t disappointed. Dominion lives to what the hype is about. Well you dont need to be a fan of those references to like this comic. The anthropomorphize animals as characters of the story is one cool idea rather that the usual human characters. Dominion really delivers in terms of artwork, designs and story telling, I have to admit this is a well executed premier issue.

I love how the subplots are handled well that the narrative doesn’t suffer. Characters gets equal spotlight and you’ll really want to get into them. You’ll get to know them some of the key characters on the brief profiles they have on the initial page. You might be wondering where is David in this but (spoiler!) he wasn’t introduce to this first issue nor have cameo thing. The only way to get the glimpse of David is on the bonus content of the book. Also Chapter One doesn’t gives us some (spoiler again!) action. Nevertheless this is a must read and enjoyable comic.

Chapter One of Dominion sets up the series well. The amount of tension in this comic is enough for you to wait for the next issue where I think we will see exciting and thrilling stuff from the creative team. The first issue is strong and I hope the next issue will succeeds what this chapter has delivered.

Artwork: Dr. Bell’s artwork here are superb. They do capture the drama of every scene in the comic. His art is a bit of Juan Gimenez and Stuart Immonen. This comic can go head to head with stuff from Boom!, Dark Horse or IDW is dishing out. The bonus content (sketches, character design, pin ups and development process) will give you some more of the art of Dr. Bell.

My verdict: 

Dominion is one great read that delivers both in art and story. This is the first issue and it’s one satisfying read that you’ll crave for more. You might not like Star Wars or Narnia or anything that is attached to this series but definitely you’ll jump in and enjoy it.

5 out of 5

Get your copy of this comic here.

(Terminus Media provided a digital copy for this review)

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